'Our Skin is much more than just the shell of our body.'

It protects us from external influence, regulates body temperature and helps retain moisture.
Our skin says a great deal about us! It shows our origin, health and our age.

So it is important that we take good care of our skin

A balanced combination of beauty care helps to keep the body and skin in good condition

This is why Beauty Care Judith only uses TYRO © products

is an exclusive Beauty product range from The Netherlands and only available in the UK at Beauty Care Judith.

Dr. A. Molenaar, the founder of Tyro cosmetics, is an internationally, renowned plastic surgeon, who has been practicing aesthetic surgery for 35 years.
He trained as a plastic surgeon in New York, and after years of experience in this field, he decided to apply his knowledge to the development of a new line of skin care products that would provide the skin with all the nutrients it needs.
Inspired by requests of many of his patients, and in close cooperation with his wife, he released the Tyro line.
The secret of the Tyro line’s success can be attributed to all of these factors, which have resulted in products with balanced formulae and high quality ingredients.

A new born baby’s skin is incredible soft and smooth.
What is it that makes a baby’s skin so perfect?

It is due the amniotic fluid which surrounds the baby during the pregnancy.
Most notably, this fluid is comprised of fats, oils and………Salt!

The salt retains moisture (water) which is the most important ingredient for effective skin care.

These relatively simple facts form the foundation of the complete and Exclusive Tyro Skin Care Line.
Natural products that nourish and care for your Skin.

All Tyro products are the result of extensive scientific research and I am convinced that the Tyro
Cosmetic Line is the answer of your skin care needs.