Mini Facial    30 min.
Skin protection


Full Face Treatment    60 min

Facial Steam
Extractions (if required)
Massage of shoulder, neck and face
Skin protection

Diamon Facial   60 min.
Facial Steam
Extractions (if required)
Massage of shoulder, neck and face
Skin protection

Cranberry Heat Masque    60 min.

As the  full face treatment but with a Cranberry Heat Masque,

This is a wonderful soft warm masque;  it acts as a soft peeling that opens the pores and increases the accessibility of the active ingredients.
The pores are opened by the warmth of the masque. The white clay gives an extra deep cleanse and the heat of the masque gives you a wonderful relaxing feeling!

Cranberries are famous for their anti-oxidant properties against free radicals, which counteract the aging process.

Anti- Age Collagen Masque  75 min.

As the full face treatment but with the Anti Age Collagen Masque.

The silky smooth membrane is made from high quality natural collagen fibres
that become supple and malleable when moistened with a collagen fluid and becomes an ice cold anti aging masque.

Finish with the ‘Bo-tyrox’ anti ageing cream.

“Bo”Tyrox is TYRO’s own anti aging cream.
This gentle emulsion visibly reduces lines and wrinkles within a short period of time.

Thanks to the carcade seed and caviar, there is a marked in increase in the firmness and smoothness of the skin.

“Bo”Tyrox is a day and night cream.

B.A.P. Serum Treatment    60 min.

BAP = Biological, Age, Protection Serum.

As the full face treatment but with a B.A.P. serum and medical mud mask.

The BAP serum is based on vitamines and natural oils.
The combination of active ingredients help delay the appearance of fine lines and regulate the natural mixture.
A fantastic boost for your skin!

Thanks to the fine structure of the medicinal mud masque, it is possible to make various masques.
Medicinal mud masque is a neutral base suitable for all skin types.

Algae and Caviar Treatment     60 min.

As the  full face treatment but with a rejuvenating Algae Peel off Masque and a Caviar Serum.

The algae masque is a nourishing biological masque that combines the trace element and easily absorbed proteins present in the micro algae spirulina.
Marine algae extracts have a refreshing and relaxing effect on the face.

Clarify Treatment     55 min.

Deep Cleansing Skin Purification Treatment, for problem skin, concentrated on extractions and a skin calming masque.

With this Treatment we work with the Clarify Line, a special line of products for problem, oily and impure skin.

Facial steam    (extra long  to ensure pores open and extractions are easier)
Masque to calm the skin
Skin protection.

With this treatment we really concentrate on cleaning the skin and extractions.
The skin will be red after the treatment because of the work carried out, but the cooling masque helps to calm this down. The result is visibly smoother and cleaner skin.

Under 18

To encourage young people to take good care of their skin I offer discounted prices for under 18’s.

It is very important to start looking after your skin from a young age, especially if you have problem skin.

Most problems such as black heads, white heads and acne are easy to take care of with the clarify treatment.

Mini Facial (as above)                        30 min.
Face Treatment (as above)                 60 min.
Clarify Treatment (as above)              55 min.

The Clarify back treatment 
    45 min. 

Cleansing the back
Steam and extractions (if required)
Ends with a mini massage of shoulders and back.

Back Massage - Deep tissue or Relaxation    30 min.

A choice of a Relaxation, Deep Tissue or an combine massage  of the back, shoulders and neck


Including hand scrub and massage of the hand and lower arm.

Our hand scrubs use the smoothing marine hand scrub with sea algea, sea weed and natural sea salt.
Softens and rejuvenates skin while vitamine E acts as a naturel antioxidant